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2018 Firewise Day and Annual Picnic and News Update including Emergency Info    
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ALERT: Wildfire Update are being sent out by RFFD, Taos News,
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Burn Permit Info  

Over the years the Taos Canyon Neighborhood Association has provided information and

  • as a recognized Firewise Community, is addressing steps to reduce our wildfire risk;
    ✅ Five-Year Firewise Participation Recognition    View Document
        The Taos Canyon Firewise Community
        Taos Canyon Residents: Contact us with your Evacuation Notification Information

  • is working on grants written and accepted for the North and South sides of the Shady Brook area Tree Thinning Projects in conjunction with the US Forest Service;

  • is keeping our canyon beautiful by performing the twice-a-year roadside trash pick-up with the help of the New Mexico Department of Transportation;

  • is working with the Taos County Planning Department, Taos Canyon residents, and the Rio Fernando Fire Department to create land use regulations for Taos Canyon;

  • is working with the Taos County Solid Waste Department to provide dumpsters multiple times a year and Chipper services at a central location for the clearing and cleaning of private properties;

  • is informing residents of the program sponsored by Taos Soil and Water Conservation that provides monetary aid to qualifying residents to help clear fire breaks on their private property.

We could not do all that we do without the assistance of the members of the Rio Fernando Fire Department. We appreciate their support. They allow us to use the firehouse when needed. Our summer picnics could not happen without their active participation. Visit http://rffd.org to find out more about the Rio Fernando Fire Department or about becoming a Fire Department Volunteer.

Thank you, TaosNet, for hosting our site!

TCNA Dumpster Saturdays have been postponed due to staffing shortages for now.  

April 13   [8am - noon]
Spring Highway Clean-up Saturday

Meet at RFFD Upper Firehouse 26566
Call 758-4104 to reserve your mile

June 8   [9am - 2pm]
Firewise Chipper Saturday (Tentative)

at mile marker 259   View Rules

June 23   [noon - 3pm]
TCNA Summer Picnic and Firewise Sunday

at RFFD Upper Firehouse 26566

July 14   [noon - 5pm]
Rio Fernando Fire Department Open House Sunday

at the Upper Firehouse 26566

August 10   [9am - 2pm]
Valle Escondido Chipper Saturday
    View Rules

September 28   [8am - noon]
Fall Highway Clean-up Saturday

Meet at RFFD Upper Firehouse 26566
Call 758-4104 to reserve your mile

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