Annual Meeting Minutes

Joint Taos Canyon Neighborhood Association & Firewise USA Annual Meetings 23 June 2019

The meeting of the Taos Canyon Neighborhood Association was called to order by President De Lazzaro. She thanked all of the people who helped clean & prepare for today's event. She then introduced Candyce O'Donnell, our County Commissioner. She made the following points:

  • Garrett Vena Klasen has applied for the position of Outdoor Director
  • The Christmas tree for the US capitol will be from Questa Ranger district. A schedule of events surrounding this will be issued later.
  • It is very important that everyone fill out the US census form. It is worth approximately 3,000 per person in revenue. The information is confidential.
  • Transportation- Due to a windfall from oil & gas there was a call for additional projects. Two were proposed: Rim Road, & Ski Valley erosion.
  • Forest thinning project are scheduled
  • New law on B&B's removes the tax exemption for houses that have 3 or fewer rooms.
  • Recycling-Landfill board to take over recycling from Town of Taos.

Garrett Vena Klasen was introduced. He had many environmental comments and suggestions for the audience:

  • He has sighted the rare Rivoli's Hummingbird in the area recently.
  • Clean your hummingbird feeders every 3-4 days in the summer to avoid bacterial growth which can kill the birds.
  • Avoid the use of the commercial red nectar; it causes liver damage in the birds.
  • Cats kill 3.7 billion birds each year. Don't let your cats and dogs roam.
  • Call Taos Animal Control for stray pet problems.
  • Feed a bear; kill a bear. Don't feed them. Rubber bullets are available if they need to be controlled.
  • Beavers are a benefit to the ecosystem; don't harm them.
  • Carson Forest planning projects; make your voice heard.
  • Don't cut your own trail into the forest. It's illegal and it causes much damage to the environment.
  • Rodent poison- If you must use them, buy only the warfarin ones, Others kill off the birds of prey which keep the rodent population in check.
  • Be careful when using insect poisons. Birds eat the poisoned insects and die. They also kill the bees. Never use poisons near the creek.
  • Mining is expanding near waterways in the state due to Trump's changes in the laws.
  • Get involved in wildlife protection organizations! Make your voice heard at local, state & national levels.

2:15 pm The TCNA meeting resumed

De made an appeal for everyone to join the TCNA and told of the benefits that we receive.

Mary Short gave the treasurer's report:

  • $6415.91 Beginning
  • $533.15 Expenses
  • $6077.76 Current

The TCNA board members were introduced and
reelected by acclamation.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 pm.

The meeting for Taos Canyon Firewise was called to order by De Lazzaro,
substituting for President Natica Dahlkamp at 1:40 pm. She asked that everyone present be sure to sign the attendance sheets.

  • De reminded the group
    that each property owner needs to complete and submit a Property Maintenance
    Sheet each year.
  • Ray Corral, Forest
    Service Representative spoke. He said their primary concern is wildfires. They
    are making strides toward making the canyon a fire adaptive community.
     Carson National Forest Pueblo Ridge Restoration Project and
    controlled burns to begin soon.
  • Russ Driskell, RFFD
    Fire Chief, was introduced. He discussed the following:
  1. House numbers- We've done well, many have them. If you don't, contact the Planning & Zoning Commission or
  2. New RFFD fire house- Inspection this Friday; when complete this should result in a 2-3% reduction in fire insurance.
  3.  The consequence of wet winter weather is that there are high grasses. Clean up high grasses near your house.
  4. They are looking into a better mass communication system called Regroup to notify people about fires and emergencies in the canyon.

De presented a check to the RFFD for 250.00 from the TCNA.

Respectfully submitted, Lynn Wilbur, Acting Secretary 23 June 2019