Taos Canyon Firewise Community


Taos Canyon Firewise Community’s application to Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program was accepted, and we were approved in September 2014. Continuing to carry out and enhance our plan, we have been recognized annually as a Firewise Community.


The above documents are used by residents to record the hours they have spent working toward helping to maintain our Firewise community. Each year we have to show how we are continuing our efforts by cleaning up around our homes, participating in chipper days, and attending meetings to learn more about Firewise and its benefits. Click on them to print as you need.


During our development, a Committee of Taos Canyon residents, aware of our high wildfire risk, created a Firewise Community Action Plan. Foremost, was the fact that we did not know everyone who lived in the canyon, nor did we know how to contact them in case of a fire, or if they were seasonal or full time. Be sure we have your information so that you might be notified!

Taos Canyon Residents: Contact us with your Evacuation Notification Information: taoscanyoninfo@gmail.com


  • Limited communication methods for an immediate evacuation in case of a wildfire within the canyon
  • Single egress road for an evacuation in case of a wildfire within the canyon
  • Lack of population contact information to reach permanent and seasonal residents
  • Needed forest thinning
  • Needed creation of defensible space to protect our homes
  • Limited methods for dissemination of information to our neighbors


  • Annual Chipper Days   (See Event Calendar)    
  • Requested contact information to identify all residents via postal or electronic mail
  • Continuing work on the creation of an evacuation plan
  • Creation of a rural addressing and signage of residence identification.


Occurring Annually – View Firewise Day Gallery

Firewise Important PDF Documents and Website Links (click on links)