Seasonal upkeep, like raking dry leaves; cleaning gutters, roofs, and canales; or regularly trimming trees that could grow too close to your home, is simple step you can take for wildfire preparedness. Maintain your yard and outdoor space year-round and remove accumulated trimmings, dead plants and debris from your property to reduce wildfire risks.

Here are some helpful tips for seasonal cleanup:

  • Clean your roof and gutters of leaves and needles.
  • Prune all tree branches overhanging your house, especially conifers and cypress.
  • Prune back all tree branches within 10 feet of your chimney.
  • Prune lower branches on trees 6-10 feet off the ground within 30 feet of the home, especially conifers and cypress.
  • Clear away dead wood and dense flammable vegetation within your Home Ignition Zone.
  • Clear away flammable vegetation within 10 feet of woodpiles.
  • Dispose of accumulated trimmings before fire season.
  • Create a fuel-free zone 0-5 feet from all structures with no combustible materials.
  • Talk to your neighbors and create a larger defensible space together.

·         Plan months ahead and circle the first Saturday of May on your calendar as the target date to clean up and remove debris and dead plants around your home. The National Fire Protection Association’sWildfire Community Preparedness Day