Several years ago the Taos Canyon Neighborhood Association and the Firewise Communities of Taos Canyon and Valle Escondido took on a challenge proposed by the Rio Fernando Volunteer Fire Department to improve the visibility of property address signs in the Canyon. In mid-August a committee met with representatives of Taos County to see where they were in the process of obtaining new address signs. It looked like it was going to be several years down the road. Sue Felser worked tirelessly to obtain a grant from the USDA Communities Facilities Program that would cover 35% of the project, and you responded favorably. Since then, the County has also realized its importance.

 Tim Corner, Taos County Planning Department, was able to push through a new addressing ordinance that will require improved signage through out the County. Our County Commissioner, Candyce O’Donnell, was very supportive of this ordinance and Taos County Ordinance 2017-1 passed on April 4, 2017. The County would provide new single-sided signs at no cost to residents and the double-sided signs would be $5 each with the possibility of a fee waiver. What a deal!

Taos County hoped to be able to provide all this by the fall of 2017, thus we withdrew our grant application for our sign order and delivery. The signs the County are of the same type that we were going to order. We encourage all residents of Taos Canyon to obtain the 2-sided signs to provide improved visibility for 911 responses. This is an important need, as poorly visible house numbers or worse … no numbers at all … has sometimes hampered 911 responses!

Also, under the new ordinance, Taos County will no longer be charging fees for naming private roads, if it is determined to be in the interest of public safety. If your driveway serves three or more houses, you may submit a petition to name the road to the Taos County Planning Dept. You will need 66% or more of property owners on the road to agree to a road name. This will expedite the process and ensure that you get to choose your road name. The County will install the road name sign at no cost to you. The naming of a road does not mean the County will adopt or maintain the road, nor does it make it a public right of way. Contact Taos County Planning Dept (575-737-3839) for more information, petition forms, and a list of acceptable road names.


911-Rural Addressing Committee: Sue Felser, Dennis Moore, Natica Dahlkamp, De Lazzaro, Shelley Loveless, Patricia Rausch, Mary Short, Drena Welty, Irene Neimeier